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Agile, Fast QMS Anywhere

Stop wasting time compiling spreadsheets, hunting for figures, and swimming through piles of data

Any Inspection Device

Connect any inspection device, or use the outputs from inspection devices, in addition to Excel spreadsheets, raw data, CAD, and manual entry. 

  • Use data from any measurement service 
  • Translators for all major inspection devices come with the software
  • Automatically standardize the data to see trend charts, SPC charts, and reports

SPC Tools at Your Fingertips

Customize the system to put the information each member of your team needs at their fingertips, when they need it, wherever they are. 

  • Create FAIR, PPAP, and Quality Reports in seconds
  • Customize dashboards to see your quality minute-by-minute
  • Format reports specifically for models, clients, or projects
  • Use Root-Cause tools to find the source of non-compliance fast

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