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QDM - the Fastest QMS and Quality Data Platform

Fast, Customizable, Easy-to-Use Quality Management

Gain full control over your measurement data by utilizing the convenience of Cloud or on-premise storage. Bid farewell to the hassle of dealing with stacks of paper, complex reports, and time-consuming tasks. Immerse yourself in seamless quality automation and effortlessly access all your data with a mere click, right at your fingertips.



Powerful SPC Platform 

Data Driven Decision Making

Start Small or Large
Build Your Own System
Keep Your Team Informed
All Your Data at Your Fingertips

Complete Quality Automation

  • Collect all of your measurement data - automatically
  • Standardize your data into the same format - automatically
  • Deliver quality reports - automatically
  • Create compliance reports - automatically
  • Provide real-time dashboards - automatically

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