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Webinar - 3DCS Version 7.9 - New Features and Functions On-Demand

Webinar: 3DCS Version 7.9 New Features and Functions 

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 On-Demand 

PLUS New Whitepaper and DLL Action Tree Downloads HERE

  • Recorded Dates: May 26th (Part 1) and June 23rd (Part 2)
  • Cost: Free

3DCS Version 7.9 brings a whole slew of new updates and features. Register to join both sessions, and receive the recordings in your inbox right after to archive for later use. You'll want to keep these useful How-To webinars on file in order to take full advantage of all of the new features 3DCS Version 7.9 brings!

Here is a shortlist of just some of the new features you will see:

Part 1

  • Thermal Scaling
  • Feature Angle Measure
  • Simulation Convergence
  • Google Suite Support
  • New Model Navigator in CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Normality Testing
  • New Additions to 3DCS DVM and 3DCS MVM (scalable solution)

Part 2 

  • Feature Angle Measure 
  • GD&T Help 
  • Tree Linking Wizard,  Minimum linking rules 
  • Feature Linking Wizard 
  • Dll Action Tree 
  • Contributor Analysis Enhancement
  • DVM & MVM Enhancement 
  • Google Suite Support 
Join the Webinar
Learn about NEW Thermal Scaling
Feature Angle Measure
Find out how to use the new Feature Angle Measure

What is 3DCS Variation Analyst?

3DCS Variation Analyst is a CAD-based simulation software that determines the risk of failure in production and the amount of variation expected from a given design when manufactured. Using Monte Carlo Analysis to simulate the Digital Twin, 3DCS provides the most advanced tolerance analysis tool on the market. 

3DCS Variation Analyst offers users the ability to do more than just 3D stack-ups by analyzing the relationship between your parts and accounting for a multitude of sources of variation. This gives you the most accurate results to make important decisions about your design and manufacturing processes. 

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Learn about all of the new updates in the new major release of 3DCS Variation Analyst Software
  2. Find out how to use the new features in your models
  3. Learn about new quality of life improvements to help you model and simulate faster 
  4. Download the recording to have these how-to videos always available as instructional resources
  5. Share with your colleagues to keep everyone in the know on the latest simulation updates

Virtual Build Webinar - 3DCS Tolerance Stack Simulation Software


Watch Part 1 & Part 2 On-Demand