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Find Talent for Your Company

DCS will never share your information with a third party. Read our  privacy policy to learn more about how DCS manages your information.

With a small team dedicated to filling your open positions, DCS can help locate and recommend the qualified candidates you need to fill open positions quickly and effectively. 

Too many resumes and positions?

Tired of Pouring Through Resumes?

Let DCS Help Find Your Candidates 

Small, Dedicated Team


  • Work with the same DCS specialist every time
  • Build an ongoing relationship to get positions filled faster
  • The DCS team is dedicated to finding candidates for you, and does not pass your openings off to other companies, teams or staffers

Experience in Engineering


  • More than 40 years combined experience
  • DCS team has filled positions at many major manufacturers 
  • Work with professionals skilled and specialized in recruiting and placement

Clients Like You


  • DCS has helped many manufacturers and IT companies fill their positions
  • With experience working with similar companies, the DCS team is able to hit the ground running with your openings
  • Access DCS' pool of candidates to fill positions fast
DCS has helped both small and large manufacturers find the help they need