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A Walkthrough on Applying FEA to your Tolerance Analysis

3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler is an add-on module for 3DCS software allowing the incorporation of Finite Element Analysis.

3DCS Compliant Modeler adds Finite Element Analysis to your Monte Carlo simulation letting you accurately predict the behavior of flexible materials and the effects of manufacturing processes like welding, clamping, bolting and riveting. It also incorporates Thermal and Gravity force effects to see how the weight of the parts or heat from use or the environment will warp your assembly.


As an advanced add-on module, there is a lot to cover. This webinar will be split into two parts:

1. The first part will cover the use of 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler. Learn how to add Compliant Moves to existing models and manage FEA Mesh Files. What kind of outputs does Compliant Modeler produce? What are some best practices to getting the best results? These questions and more will be answered in the first part of the webinar.

What can you do with 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler?

Just some of the things you can do with Compliant Modeler:

  • Clamp parts together
  • Apply gravity so that parts sag and dip from their own weight
  • Use spot welds and joins to parts
  • Check sequences of processes for optimal placement
  • Determine the impact of thermal effects from the environment or function

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