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View Webinar Recording: X-Plane Move

The New Best-Fit Move for 3DCS

The X-Plane move is a 6-Plane move that allows for more than six pairs of features to be selected and then best fits your parts. It is a powerful move that can be used in a large variety of situations and may become your go-to move for modeling in 3DCS. Learn how to use it, and see a number of example models to start using this new move. 
X-Plane Move
Determine best fit conditions
How to Create the Move
Get a guided walkthrough of the new Move option

What You'll Learn:

  • What is the X-Plane move
  • Why use the X-Plane move
  • How does the X-Plane move function
  • Guide on adding the X-Plane move to your 3DCS models

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