SOLIDWORKS integrated manufacturing simulation software -- 3DCS Variation Analyst

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Optimize your designs in SOLIDWORKS to reduce scrap and rework and control the inherent manufacturing variation causing recalls and warranty claims.

3DCS Variation Analyst for SOLIDWORKS is a fully integrated tolerance analysis software solution that simulates product assembly, manufacturing processes, and part tolerances in a 3D stack-up through three types of analysis: Monte Carlo Analysis, High-Low-Mean (Sensitivity) Analysis, and Geofactor (equation-based) Analysis.

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Model with Simulation

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Manufacturing Simulation 


  • Simulate assembly and manufacturing processes
  • Find solutions other than changing tolerances
  • Model multiple assembly stages and find the source of variation in your process

Why Integration?


  • Faster adoption and training
  • Automatic integration with PLM systems
  • Utilize SOLIDWORKS PMI, GD&T, Joints, and Constraints

The Power of 3DCS


  • Simulate manufacturing processes as well as part tolerances
  • Determine Best Fit 
  • Utilize iterative and conditional logic algorithms
  • Apply assembly moves like Pattern move to simulate patterns of holes and pins
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