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3DCS Version 7.8 Part 1 - Collision Detection and NEW Gear Module 

Collision Detection and NEW Gear Module 

The 7.8 series will showcase four new features:

  1. Collision Detection 
  2. Fast and Easy Gear Modeling with new Gear Module
  3. Updates to Pattern Move
  4. Updates to Worst Case with 3DCS software 

Part 1: Gear Modeling and Collision Detection -- August 26th, 2021

The first part of the 7.8 Webinar Series will showcase two new features; the Gear Module and Collision Detection. This will include an overview, with a link to watch a more in-depth video on how to use the new tools. 

Gear Module 

The Gear Module (part of 3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on Module), provides an easy-to-use tool for creating gear studies, tolerance stack-ups, and variation analysis models. The Gear Module creates the moves (assembly and kinematic motion) and the measurements (simulated inspection) on the 3D model for you, freeing you up to focus on your analysis and design requirements. 

Gear Module - Meshing 3DCS
Gear Module
Gear Tooth Meshing
Collision Detection
Determine contact points in your model
Collision Detection

Understanding when your parts will run into each other or contact during assembly and use is important. Part collisions can cause additional wear and tear, as well as functional problems with many products. This new feature in the Mechanical Modeler Add-on for 3DCS Variation Analyst (all CAD platforms) gives you a clear understanding of when and where your parts will collide, providing you the ability to design out these issues or control the variation to acceptable levels. 

Collision Detection introduces two new functions in 3DCS that help to detect part collision and overlap. This overview will help you understand how this new solution added to 3DCS Variation Analyst software works by walking through the interface, the measurements, the calculations, and the results. 
Existing difficulties faced in the Engineering Industry on Collision Detection:
  • How to generate Measurement with our new Collision Detection Generator GUI.
  • How to write measurements using Part Distance Measure.
  • Internal Calculation and understand the Results
  • Ease of Use compared to the previous method

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