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Webinar On-Demand - New Features and Enhancements in 3DCS Update 7.8.1

Webinar - New Features in 3DCS Update 7.8.1

  • Date: Now On-Demand
  • Cost: Free

In the webinar, learn about the new features and updates added in the 7.8.1 update to 3DCS software. These include changes to or new inclusions of:

  • Groups,
  • Chordal Mesh,
  • GD&T Dim Loc,
  • Pattern-Fit,
  • Best-Fit,
  • Sequence Optimization Grouping

DCS is continually trying to enhance the software to create a better user experience:

Was developed to better manage the navigation tree with large models and a high number of MTM's Moves, Tolerances, Measures. Simplifying and minimizing the Navigation Tree and Measurement Result Window.
The CORDIAL HEIGHT Preference setting
With the Cordial Height setting the Mesh accuracy for the complex curved surfaces can be increased.  This is critical when doing gear models or producing accurate contacts between two curved surfaces
This gives the ability to extract Cad Constraints directly into DCS Feature moves.
This enhances DVM for quick modeling if constraints exist.  This function is provided in all platforms but note: MVA and VA+MM can also extract joints and constraints as joints and constraints or feature moves.
Besides what was described in the webinar it is important to note that this move will become the move of the future as the industry moves to fixtureless designs and use robots to hold the parts in their best position based on the variation.
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