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Utilize kinematics and motion to model mechanical assemblies and linkages

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What is Mechanical?


  • Model linkages and mechanical assemblies
  • Use a large library of Joints and Constraints
  • Combine 3DCS traditional modeling with mechanical Joints and Constraints
  • Depict variation on kinematic assemblies through their range of motion
  • If available, utilize the cad system’s embedded Joints and Constraints
  • Use Kinematic Analysis

Availability for 3DCS


-- As an Add-on Module --

3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on

  • Adds a toolbar
  • Available in all version

-- As a Stand Alone Software --

3DCS Mechanical Variation Modeler

  • Less Complex than 3DCS Variation Analyst, with a focus on Mechanical and Kinematics
  • Available as Integrated or Stand Alone

Included Features and Functions


  • Library of Joints
  • Library of Constraints 
  • Ability to read in CAD Joints and Constraints
  • Degree of Freedom counter to check your work
  • Motion moves to model parts through their range of motion
  • New workbench of mechanical moves and tools
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