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IMTS 2022 -- FREE Quality Assessment


Your Universal End-to-End Solution is Ready for the Future

Get the most comprehensive 3D quality & inspection solutions to streamline your process.

DCS and Metrologic Team Up at IMTS 2022

Join us at booth 135716

  • Date: Sept 12 - 17
  • Location: McCormick Center, Chicago, IL, USA

From creating and optimizing GD&T during the digital phase through simulation, to inspection planning, device programming, and data collection, all the way to high-level SPC analytics, real-time monitoring, and dashboard, the end-to-end solution streamlines your quality throughout the product lifecycle. 

Keep an eye on our blog, and join us at the event to learn more about how you can take advantage of the end-to-end solution in part, or in whole, to automate your quality processes and reduce your costs. 




Get a Complete Quality Assessment

Find out where you can reduce cycle times, improve product quality, and lower costs 

There is always an easier way to do things, whether we know it or not. Let the experts at DCS help you find an easier way to manufacture by leveraging the Digital Twin and manufacturing automation to reduce your costs while improving quality at the same time. 

Utilize DCS to get access to:

  • Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Dimensional Engineering Experts
  • End-to-End QMS Solutions

You'll get help with:

  1. Full Quality Report (delivered free!)
  2. Suggestions for Software and Process Improvements
  3. Help with Digital Transformation
  4. Upgrades to get you the benefits of the Digital Twin

Fill out the form --> to get started and schedule your quality review 

Plant Quality Solutions
See a fully automated quality system (QMS)
Universal Inspection Software
Reduce your need for multiple programs, manual programming, and data pass offs with the most powerful inspection software on the market

Quality Management Consulting

Understanding and Automating Your Quality Processes

Quality is important. Getting real results and improvement from your quality processes is not easy, though. Collecting data and measurements is only the first step, as making actionable decisions from that data can take many hours of diving through large datasets, looking at huge spreadsheets, and crunching statistics. 

Automate your SPC information with QDM

What if there was an easier way?

Find out from DCS Six Sigma Black Belts how you can automate your quality processes to get from measuring to actionable Quality Intelligence - the information you need to make decisions about your quality and manufacturing. 

Get expert advice from Six Sigma Black Belts and spend more time solving problems, and less time crunching numbers. 

  • Quality Consultations are done by certified Six Sigma Black Belts
  • The final report includes process improvements, quality system suggestions, and automation techniques
  • Get a basic assessment free! Decide afterward to use DCS or utilize your own internal quality people. 

Get a FREE Quality Assessment

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