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On-Demand - e-PowerTrain Electric Motor Gear Analysis Webinar

e-PowerTrain Electric Motor Gear Analysis Webinar

Join DCS for a webinar by gear specialist Tom Oetjens to dive deep into the modeling and analysis of an electric vehicle motor gear assembly, demonstrating helpful tips, practices, processes, and tools.

September 22nd, 11 am EST 

What You'll Learn from the Gear Variation Model:

  • Assembly Process and Rotation
  • Variation Analysis
  • Angle Backlash
  • Flank Test
  • Gear Angle to Axis
  • Life Cycle Product Advantages


The performance of an Electric Vehicle Power Unit is directly connected to critical tolerances. Tolerances drive opportunities for performance enhancement and cost reduction. The use of Dimensional Variation Analysis is used to determine critical tolerances and showcase areas that can be adjusted without risk to the assembly.

This webinar utilizes industry experience and applications to demonstrate how tolerance stack simulation can be used with gear motor systems to improve performance and reduce overall costs.

The upfront method illustrated in this presentation uses digital technology to create a Digital Twin as a parametric family of designs with statistical tolerances as the parameters. This Digital Twin allows for testing and checks to be performed, providing results comparable to physical prototypes. These analyses, tests, and results will be covered using the Variation Model, and discussed in detail.


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