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Understanding the Business Impacts and Analysis of Perceived Quality

Perceived Quality  

A Major Business Trend & Success Factor for Manufacturing and Design

Learn how to improve consumer perception with CATIA & DCS Solutions

This paper is based on the presentation given at CATIA Creative Design and ICEM Conference by Dassault Systemes and DCS Partner Hitex. It focuses on using high-end visualization in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (CATIALive Rendering) as part of the engineering process to help determine build objectives and improve the Perceived Quality of products.  

Perceived Quality has become more valuable to manufacturing as OEM’s begin to understand that the perception of their vehicles’ quality is almost as important as the quality of their vehicles. Companies are even rated on their Perceived Quality and compared to their competition as a means of determining brand quality. Perceived Quality has understandably then been given greater and greater attention by manufacturers. (1, 2)


Each Section Contains a Link to a Video Presentation of Its Content:

  • Executive Summary
  • Gap and Flush Automotive Business Case  
  • What Value is in Perceived Quality?
  • Design  (Perceived Quality Applications)
  • Engineering   (Perceived Quality Applications)
  • Bringing It All Together – Perform Perceived Quality Studies 
  • References




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