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Sequence Optimization Whitepaper

Sequence Optimization

How Automating the Optimization of a Sequence of Processes Reduces Cost and Cycle Time 

Paul Vickers, Sr. Dimensional Engineer DCS Zesheng Zhang, 3DCS Developer DCS Maria Harangus, Sr. Dimensional Engineer DCS Gary Bell, Sr. Dimensional Engineer DCS Ben Reese, Director of Marketing DCS


This paper describes a process and software tool (Sequence Optimizer) designed to reduce lead and launch time by eliminating or minimizing manual join and clamp sequence studies.  Design gaps and part tolerances cause dimensional variation in assemblies using point-based attachment methods such as spot welding, riveting, or bolting. Sequence Optimizer finds the optimal join and clamp sequence from a candidate set resulting in manufactured assemblies as close to nominal as possible. 


  • Contents Problem Description
  • Current Solution Methodology 
  • 3DCS Sequence Optimization Methodology 
  • Measures of Merit 
  • Search Methodology 
  • Business Problem of Throughput and Cycle Time 
  • Multidisciplinary Optimization 
  • Example Case Conclusion 
  • References 



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