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Understanding Model-Based Definition in Practice

Understanding Model-Based Definition MBD with an Expert in GD&T

Norm Crawford, Dimensional Engineer

In this series of Model-Based Definition (MBD) articles, Norm Crawford discusses MBD with us at DCS, and shares his experiences in both successes and failures in Model-Based Definition.

This whitepaper compiles the five articles from an interview with industry expert Norm Crawford, focusing on the understanding and application of both Model-Based Definition MBD and GD&T. 

From an interview with Norm Crawford - https://www.linkedin.com/in/normcrawford/

  • Understanding Model-Based Definition with an Expert in GD&T
  • What is Model-Based Definition MBD? Why Implement Model-Based Definition?
  • The Largest Barrier and Common Mistakes in Implementing Model-Based Definition
  • Adopting GD&T – Getting Started with GD&T in Model-Based Definition
  • Academic and Generational Influence on Model-Based Definition Adoption



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