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2017 DCS Global Technology and Users Conference


Download the Event Agenda to See Who Presented, the Workshops and More

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Why Attend the 2021 DCS Global Technology Conference?

With presentations by leading professionals from major OEM's, suppliers and organizations in a multitude of industries, this event is the perfect opportunity to network and learn how others are applying technology to control and reduce their manufacturing variation.


Top 10 Reasons to Attend the DCS Global Technology Conference

  1. See applications and success stories from leading manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors and Airbus.
  2. Attend networking events for 1-on-1 discussions with engineers from global OEM’s and manufacturers like Boeing, FCA, Philips, LG and Valeo. 
  3. Learn to model faster with the Modeling Efficiency Workshop
  4. Find out new ways to use dimensional engineering to reduce scrap and rework
  5. Find out how to use Finite Element Analysis with your 3DCS software with a guided workshop by DCS FEA Specialist
  6. Try out FARO scanning arms and CMM probes and see how they connect to Quality Management Systems
  7. See first-hand how 3D rendering can be used for Perceived Quality, including a hands-on 3D interactive display
  8. Learn about Advanced Sensitivity, a new function of AAO coming to handle mean shifts, non-linearity and more
  9. See upcoming developments for 3DCS, and talk with the engineers developing them
  10. Find out about advancements in dimensional engineering from companies successfully applying them.   



The Event begins at 12:00 PM Tuesday, May 23rd and ends 6:00 PM Thursday, May 25th. 

Download the event flyer, or scroll down to learn more. 

Event Flyer and Information

Click below to download the flyer for this event. It includes the times, dates, location, schedule and some helpful maps for the event. 

Download The Event Flyer 

The following information is for the 2017 DCS Global Technology Conference

To learn about the 2021 DCS Global Technology and User Conference, go to:

Where is the Event Being Held?

The conference is being held at the GM Rennaissance Building in Detroit, MI, USA. Hotel rooms are available and recommended at the Detroit Marriott inside the Rennaisance Building.  Presentations and training will be held at the Rennaissance Center Conference Rooms. Maps will be provided upon check in to the event (on site), and in the event flyer above. 


How Do I Reserve a Hotel Room?

A block of rooms have been reserved at the Detroit Marriott for this event. In order to reserve your room, please use the following link:

Or call direct at (877) 901-6632

We recommend to arrive on Tuesday (23rd) in the morning, and leave on Friday (26th). 


How Long is the Conference?

The conference is two and half days, with the half day on Tuesday (in the afternoon), and all day Wednesday and Thursday. Extra training is available at the DCS Office on Friday the 26th for interested parties. 


How Do I Get There From the Airport?

A shuttle service is being offered on Tuesday from the Detroit Airport (DTW) to the hotel and conference location. In order to use this service, please indicate on your registration form that you will require shuttle service. The DCS Admin (Ben Reese) will need a copy of your flight itinerary in order to setup the shuttle pickup. 

All events related to the Conference are within walking distance, 

If you do not want to use a shuttle, taxi's and rental cars are available at the Detroit Airport. Parking is $25 a day at the GM Renaissance Building. Please use the Beubian Place parking structure to park your vehicle, or use the Valet services at the front of the hotel ($35/Day). 


How Much Is the Conference to Attend?

The conference is $550 to attend. Daily rates and group rates are available upon request. Please use the 'pay at the door' option in the registration, and you will be contacted by a DCS representatitve. 


Are There Any Activities or Networking Events?

There will be a networking reception at the Granite City Restaurant on Tuesday the 23rd. On Wednesday the 24th, after the event, there will be a riverboat cruise on the Detroit River Princess. Dinner will be served on the boat, and drink tickets will be made available. DCS has rented out an entire deck of the ship for the privacy of attendees. 


Are Student or Group Discounts Available?

Student discounts (which do not include activities) and group rates are both available upon request. Please contact DCS or use the 'pay at the door' option in your registration form. 


Can I Register Now and Pay Later?

Absolutely! All payment will be due 30 days before the event, unless special arrangements are made. You may pay by check (invoice), credit card or paypal. Those registrants who cannot be reached for payment 25 days before the event will be unregistered and will need to re-register. If there are any issues regarding your registration, or if you have a special case, please contact DCS where we will be happy to make special arrangements for you. 


What Is the Penalty to Cancel My Registration?

There is no penalty for canceling your registration more than 30 days before the event. Within 30 days of the event, there is a $100 cancelation fee. 


I'd Like to Present at the Conference. How Do I Do That and What Are the Benefits?

To become a presenter, please contact DCS or fill out the presenter form here. DCS will contact you for an abstract and to sign a presenter agreement. Presenters receive free admission to the event, as well as a thank you gift for their time.