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On-Demand - 3DCS AAO Webinar Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on

Advanced Analysis in 3DCS - PLUS Multi-Part Analysis Tools

The 2023 Webinar Series starts with a deep dive into advanced analysis and optimizers, showcasing how AAO can give you answers while making your life easier

Presented by Senior Dimensional Engineers Maria Harangus


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What You'll Learn from this webinar:

  • The Monte Carlo results predict what problems an assembly will have.
  • The Sensitivity and GeoFactor results predict why those problems occur.
  • AAO recommends solution alternatives to those problems


1.Locator Sensitivity Analyzer [LSA]

2.Datum Optimizer [DO]

3.GeoFactor Analyzer [GFA]

4.Critical Tolerance Identifier [CTI]

5.Tolerance Optimizer [TO]

6.Sequence Optimizer [SO]

   LSA + DO: Find the best datums and use them as locating features - coordinate datums.

   GFA: Visualize the relationship between each tolerance/measure pair.

   CTI: Identify the critical tolerances in a model.

   TO: Achieve the best quality at a minimum cost.

   SO: Find the best clamping/welding sequence for overconstrained assemblies.




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